Membership Benefits

Your success in the insurance profession is the primary focus of the PIA Association for Nebraska & Iowa.

Our priority is to provide you with the tools and services needed to enhance and advance your professional insurance career. If you have any questions about membership in PIA or any of the benefits we offer, please call Gary Baumann, CPCU at 402-392-1611. If you'd like to join us to further strengthen our insurance community, click here.

Membership in PIA Association for Nebraska & Iowa provides many significant benefits for insurance professionals. Some of these exciting benefits include:

PIA Branding Program

Local advertising for Local Agents Serving Main Street America!

Through the PIA Branding Program, PIA makes available to PIA members a growing collection of advertising and marketing support materials. Currently this includes a series of print and radio advertisements, in both English and Spanish.

PIA provides these items at no cost to its members!!

English Print Ads: PIA also has over 250 print advertisements that PIA members can run in local publications, customized with their agency logo and contact information and (optionally) a company logo. Ads can also be printed for use as flyers or as inserts in publications. Ads are available in a variety of sizes, in color as well as black and white. To use the ads, simply download our high-resolution PDF files and send them to your publication or printer who can add your logo and contact information.

Spanish Print Ads: It just got a whole lot easier for PIA members to market to Spanish speaking insurance buyers. That’s because PIA has released a series of Spanish print advertisements that PIA members can use free of charge. To use the ads, simply download our high-resolution PDF files and send them to your publication or printer who can add your logo and contact information.

English Radio Ads:
PIA has recorded a series of 28 radio ads for PIA member agencies to tag with their contact information. When you're ready, simply download the broadcast-quality MP3 files and send them to your local radio station where their voice-over professional can add your agency information.

Spansih Radio Ads: PIA has recorded a series of 25 Spanish radio ads for PIA member agencies to tag with their contact information. When you're ready, simply download the broadcast-quality MP3 files and send them to your local radio station where their voice-over professional can add your agency information.

Click Here to learn More.... The PIA Branding Program
You will need a separate PIA National username and password to access the ads, but if you have any questions, please give us a call at (402) 392-1611.

Using the PIA Logo

One of the more important benefits of being a PIA member is the privilege of authorized use of the PIA Logo to convey your relationship with PIA. PIA members may use the PIA Logo on a variety of items including stationery, signage, web sites and more. Please contact the office at (402) 392-1611 and we'll be happy to email it to you or your printer.

Forecasting Trends

With today's increasing market pressures, PIA can help you manage the strategic challenges of shrinking budgets, downsizing staff, and rapid advances in technology. We forecast trends in the insurance industry to help you plan your future. PIA seeks out the best practices in areas such as financial management, marketing and sales, technology, communications, and government relations. And we share these practices among our members to save you time and money. All of this is done with collective input from members of our Nebraska & Iowa insurance industry-agents, brokers, associates and companies who share similar interests and concerns.

Managing More Effectively

Career development and training, access to information, and industry promotion and representation before the government are just a few of the many benefits of PIA membership. We will help you run your agency more effectively. As a member, you will have the opportunity to develop strong relations and build networks with other agencies and companies all fully dedicated to the Nebraska & Iowa insurance industry.

Top Education Programs

PIA's topflight education programs build your knowledge, confidence, image, and book of business. For example, when your customer service reps train through our programs, you'll increase sales and renewals, limit your exposure to E&O, and have better trained people on your frontline. PIA sponsors the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) program in Iowa & Nebraska, the Certified Insurance Service Representatives (CISR) program for Iowa, the Certified Professional Service Representative (CPSR) program for Nebraska, the Certified Professional Insurance Agent (CPIA) in Nebraska & Iowa, and other invaluable continuing education programs.

Agency Touch Points — The Voice of The Customer (Released December 6, 2011)

Is personal lines insurance just about price? Is it a mere commodity? Is personalized choice and service a thing of the past?

NO!!! New research by The PIA Partnership shows that insurance customers want what independent agents offer. In scientifically validated surveys of insurance     customers across the country, The PIA Partnership found that:

    *customers want value beyond price
    *customers want regular proactive contact to help them be assured that their insurance coverage is comprehensive and up to date
    *customers want other things that only independent insurance agents can provide

TAKE THE QUIZ! A brief 6 question quiz on our new Agency Touch Points quiz website takes agents through highlights of the survey and results, providing new insight on commonly held misconceptions that many independent agency personnel have been using to guide their personal lines sales and service.

PIA members need to take this quiz. And anyone in the agency who deals directly with personal lines customers needs to take this quiz. The results will most likely surprise you!

ALREADY TAKEN THE QUIZ? If you've already taken the quiz, then you are ready to access the complete Agency Touch Points website. Since insurance customers have expressed their desire for proactive attention to their insurance needs, they are opening the door to enhanced opportunity for your agency. The full website offers a variety of revenue building tools and resources agencies can use to maximize their “touch point” opportunities with customers and prospects.

Follow the appropriate link below to access the complete Agency Touch Points website:

    *PIA members: Visit the complete Agency Touch Points website.
    *Agencies appointed by Partnership companies: Visit the complete Agency Touch Points website. (You will need a username/password provided by the company. See list of companies below.)
    *Other agents: To visit the complete Agency Touch Points website, you will need to become a PIA member. Please contact your local PIA association to join PIA.

Market Assistance

To effectively compete in and adapt to the ever-changing insurance industry, you need the most advanced and comprehensive resources and tools available. PIA's market assistance programs will help sharpen your professional skills, position you for future opportunities, expand your circle of contacts and influence, and reinforce and enrich your career. PIA also helps agents and brokers take the fullest advantage of the power of the Internet with programs such as Insurance Noodle and MarketScout.

Financing Assistance

PIA members have an important advantage with this special benefit: premium financing with very competitive rates from NCMIC Finance Corporation and Premium Financing Specialists programs, developed especially for PIA. These programs provide their insureds with comprehensive financing on all personal and commercial lines.

Legislative Representation

PIA works closely with legislators and regulators to protect your rights as an agent and small business owner. You'll have a voice in the state legislature and on Capitol Hill. You'll also receive updates on laws and regulations affecting you and your business. PIA provides valuable compliance insights and answers your questions on current regulations.

Insurance Protection

Choose from a full spectrum of insurance services from companies that have a solid track record of quality coverages and services (rated A or A+ by A.M. Best). PIA Trust offers important coverages such as term life, short- and long-term disability, accidental death & dismemberment, hospital indemnity, and business overhead expense ┬Łall customized to help protect you in case the unimaginable happens. Family and employee coverages are available with some of these plans.

For health insurance, PIA National has created a network of health-insurance carriers so that you can be sure to find the best insurance at the lowest price in your area! 

You can also purchase E&O insurance through PIA to help protect your agency from the unexpected. However, PIA membership does not guarantee coverage.

Information Resources

PIA publications are your ticket to staying on top of issues and trends that can make or break your agency. PIA National's Connection, the Reporter for Nebraska agents, Pipeline and our weekly Newsline keep you abreast of issues, automation developments, coverages, and markets.

Networking Opportunities

As a PIA member, you gain entry into the PIA network of partner companies seeking to expand their agency distribution in personal, commercial, multilines or specialty lines. Networking helps solve problems and exchange ideas as you meet and socialize with fellow agents and company representatives at PIA meetings, seminars and conferences. 

Personal Assistance

PIA has always been known as "The Friendly Association" because we give personal care and individual attention to our member agencies. No matter what your problem, the PIA staff will "go the extra mile" for you.

Cost-Saving Services

As a PIA member, you'll receive discounts on a growing selection of moneymaking products and services. PIA's collection contains the most up-to-date tools to help you and your agency reach your goals for greater success. PIA's offerings include a business link to discounts on rental cars, magazines, and computer software programs to name a few.

Value in Membership

Faced with ever-tightening budgets, some agents and brokers might question the value of membership in an association. But consider the difference in trying to run your business without the content available only from PIA. Do not deprive yourself of access to these unique and valuable resources.

GE Auto Warranty Services

As part of General Electric Company, GE Auto Warranty Services (GE AWS) is a business of unparalleled stability, and resources. Through a special arrangement with PIA, PIA agents will be able to market a superior Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) product directly to auto dealerships with profitable results. GE AWS serves as administrator and insurer, working hand-in-hand to manage all aspects of the day-to-day business. For more information about GE Auto Warranty Services, contact GE AWS at (800)-782-9753, complete the online information request form, or email, and be sure to mention that you are a PIA member.

PayServ Payroll Services

Your business won't run itself, but your payroll can. Or seem to, at least. With PayServ payroll services handling FICA, FUTA, and state and federal withholdings, you're free to do what you love, what you do best: running your business. Sign up today.  Call (845) 624-8458 or CLICK HERE for more information. Be sure to mention PIA for a special, members-only discount.