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PIA Association for Nebraska and Iowa is committed to focusing its resources in ways that cast the most favorable light on its constituents. We are dedicated to providing the type of programs, the level of advocacy, and the dissemination of information that best supports the perpetuation and prosperity of our members. We pledge to always conduct ourselves in a manner that enhances the public image of PIA and adds real value to our members.

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70 year Anniversary

2020 is an exciting year for us at Professional Insurance Agents of Nebraska & Iowa! It's our 70th year as an association!

Join us now as we take a trip down memory lane to remember the year 1950!

Some historical events of 1950:
♦U.S. President: Harry S. Truman
♦ Korean War starts as the North Korean Army crosses into South Korea
♦ First Organ Transplant (kidney)
♦ Harry S. Truman Places Americas railroad under the control of the US Army
♦ Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union & Communist Party
♦ Senator Joseph McCarthy gains power, and McCarthyism begins
♦The devastating Mercy Hospital fire kills 41 in Davenport, Iowa.

• Average Cost of new house - $8,450.00
• Average wages per year - $3,210.00
• Cost of a gallon of Gas - 18 cents
• Average Cost of a new car - $1,510.00
• Min wage was .75/hr

♦The Cleveland Browns win the Super Bowl
♦ The New York Yankees shut out the Philadelphia Phillies to win the World Series
♦ NBA Champion was Minneapolis Lakers
♦ Stanley Cup Champion was Detroit Red Wings
♦The head coach of the Nebraska Cornhusker Football team was Bill Glassford. Their record that year was 6-2-1
♦The first ever Spring Game scrimmage was held against a team of NE Alumni players which resulted in a 13-13 tie game
♦The NCAA declared Rosenblatt Stadium (then known as Omaha Municipal Stadium) in Omaha the new home of the College World Series in 1950

♦Oscar winner for Best Pictures: All About Eve starring Bette Davis
♦Top Grossing Film: King Solomon's Mine
♦#1 song: Good Night Irene by Gordon Jenkins & The Weavers
♦Most Popular Baby Names: Males: John, James, Robert, William, Michael, David, Richard, Thomas, Charles, & Gary.
Females: Linda, Mary, Patricia, Barbara, Susan, Maria, Donna, Nancy, Deborah, & Kathleen.
♦Peanuts Comic Strip was first published in 7 newspapers in 1950.
♦The first credit card was issued by Diners Club in 1950
♦ Candy Land was the most popular board game
♦ Stevie Wonder, Joan Lunden, Tom Petty, Bill Murray, Karen Carpenter, Jay Leno and Richard Branson were all born in 1950

☑️ And PIA of Nebraska and Iowa was formed on May 23, 1950, then known as the Nebraska Association of Mutual Insurance Agents with Clifford Gregory of Alliance, NE the first President.

And as lore would have it...PIA of Nebraska & Iowa (then known as Nebraska Association of Mutual Ins Agents) was formed after an intense all-day session at the Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln, NE. This came about after a 2 1/2 year project of The 1752 Club, which was an organization of mutual company field persons. PIA was formed to "promote the interests and protect the future of its members."

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